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filling Station Publications Society
Box 22135
Bankers Hall RPO
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What? filling Station Magazine is a literary and arts magazine publishing innovative poetry, fiction, non-fiction (creative non-fiction, reviews, articles, interviews, live event reviews, photo essays, etc), and presenting a featured visual artist each issue.

Frequency? filling Station is published 3 times per year.*

History? Created in Calgary in 1993 by a group of University of Calgary students who wanted a magazine independent from the University and separate from Dandelion, and with more freedom about what, and whom, they could publish, filling Station has been pushing the boundaries ever since. filling Station’s Online Archive was introduced in 2012. The Online Archive was made possible through the support of the Alberta Ministry of Culture and Community Spirit.

How is it published? filling Station is 100% volunteer-run, and is a registered non-profit organization with the Province of Alberta (the filling Station Publications Society). The Society is run as a Collective. There are usually about 25 people behind the scenes on the filling Station Collective bringing you the magazine and Calgary literary events. To see who’s currently on the Collective, click here. To volunteer, click here.

Funding? filling Station relies on the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Alberta Ministry of Culture and Community Spirit (formerly Alberta Foundation for the Arts), and the Calgary Arts Development Authority, in addition to our subscription base, newsstand sales, and fundraising activities. We also welcome donations from private individuals interested in helping filling Stationmake a difference to emerging writers, thereby contributing to the development of Canada’s literary future.

Mandate? In brief, filling Station’s mandate is to support emerging writers through our publishing and outreach activities. Our editorial focus is on original and innovative work. Please see Mandate for the full story.

Submissions? For complete submissions guidelines, please see Submit.

Subscriptions? You can subscribe by snailmail or online using PayPal; please visit Subscribe to start receiving filling Station.

Donations? Donations are welcomed by snailmail or PayPal. Please see Donate to make a difference today.


filling Station Magazine is available via subscription and is distributed through Magazines Canada to both independent and chain bookstores throughout Canada. Check out Subscribe to order our print magazine.

To distribute filling Station in your bookstore or library, please contact Magazines Canada and click the Retailer or Librarian Order Form links at the top right. filling Station is also available to libraries served by EBSCO Subscription Services.

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