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Workshop: Dealing with the Devil: How to Craft Unlikable Characters

Dealing with the Devil: How to Craft Unlikable Characters Jani Krulc SATURDAY, JUNE 23 10 AM – 3:30 PM MEMBER PRICE: $75 NON-MEMBER PRICE: $100 We all want to write complex characters, but what do we do with the unlikable ones, the immoral and the violent? How do we not make our villains into caricatures or devils? How do we navigate the space between antihero and antagonist? In this workshop, we’ll explore motivation, desire, and the various…

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Filling Station Magazine

Filling Station Address filling Station Publications Society Box 22135 Bankers Hall RPO Calgary AB  T2P 4J5 Canada Q&A What? filling Station Magazine is a literary and arts magazine publishing innovative poetry, fiction, non-fiction (creative non-fiction, reviews, articles, interviews, live event reviews, photo essays, etc), and presenting a featured visual artist each issue. Frequency? filling Station is published 3 times per year.* History? Created in Calgary in 1993 by a group of University of Calgary students who wanted a magazine independent from…

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